Strength built on a wealth of experience

YUH-DAK NORTH AMERICA INC.  Sales and service office for Taiwan Huarong group, including YUH-DAK Machinery Co. Ltd. and Guanming Chinese Factory, also Huarong  and Nanrong, which are specialist manufactures in standard, and vertical plastic injection molding machines. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Yuh-Dak, an active market player, has developed and produced high-precision machines that are customized to market trends and easy to maintain.

Mission Statement

“Capitalizing on professional quality technology and services – Adhering to the mission of being the most trustworthy partner”

Total dedication to customers with vigorous R&D support

Each Yuh-Dak machine is designed and produced in tune with practical needs of customers. Yuh-Dak also provides customized planning, design and production for the periphery equipment of vertical plastic injection formation machines.

A market leader on a sizable operation scale

Yuh-Dak’s operation straddles Taiwan and China with branch companies and factories in both areas. Yuh-Dak is among the three largest manufacturers of vertical plastic injection formation machines in Taiwan and has a significant share in the 3C market. Yuh-Dak has also achieved dominance in the supply of special-purpose heads for the cable business.

A perfectionist with focus on the automation market and personalized machinery

It is Yuh-Dak’s business philosophy to uphold its professional quality technology and service and to firmly establish itself as the most trustworthy partner. In terms of technical competence, Yuh-Dak is constantly enhancing its automation capability in the manufacturing process and is actively progressing towards personalized design of machinery. In a bid to establish its unrivalled position in the manufacturing business of vertical plastic injection formation machines, Yuh-Dak is committed to exploring the potential market for automated special-purpose machines, with its focus on the design and production of special machines in future.